Accounting ‧ Inventory System

A brand-new Accounting ‧ Inventory System has established! Sales, purchase, inventory and Accounting ‧ Inventory functions are all available on the Internet now, and it will be expanded to a full-featured system in the near future.


System Features

  • Cloud server with high stability
  • Operated through different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, which improve the speed and smoothness
  • Documents can be uploaded to the system for storage, or downloaded for sharing
  • Financial year and accounting period is flexible (can be changed to 3 months or 18 months, etc.)
  • Fee: $200 / month, option: $300 / month for supporting; tailor made version: 700 / month ( modifications and additional functions will be extra charge)

Important Notes :

Extremely sable servers are provided for customers to store data. Daily back up will progress with Cloud service in different  locations to prevent data loss or damage. Customers can rest assured to use the system without any extra fee.

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