TryEasy Web-based ERP Solution

It is a powerful Enterprise Resource Management system that allows your company to break the geographical boundaries. You can operate the system via Internet Browser (Internet Explorer) at anywhere and anytime by any computers. The system functions are strong, and with high stability and scalability. We can customize the system based on the actual operation of each company to further improve the efficiency.


System Features

  • The system is with high stability under Linux Server
  • The system provides unlimited number of user logins and is free to increase
  • Client does not need to install any programs
  • The data is using UTF-8 encoding, which supports multiple languages, and can be read in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or many other different languages
  • It is much faster than VPN or Remote Desktop Control systems
  • It supports MY SQL or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Documents and statements can be sent directly by email without the exporting
  • Files can be uploaded to the system for storage, or downloaded for sharing

Important Notes :
We are using a very stable server to store our customer data, and with backup on daily basis. Our customers will not be charged with additional fee but can enjoy the Cloud Server backup at different locations. It is to ensure our customers will not be suffered from data loss due to the server damage.