Retail Management System (POS)

It is a retail software system that operates via internet, connecting with every single store to boost instant management.

The system consists of multiple functions, such as sales management, membership management, inventory management, and procurement management. Our customers can also generate different types of analytical and statistical reports. The management staff can instantly check the sales of each store through the system, and also monitor the inventory status by generating related reports, which facilitates the product deployment efficiently.

Our system is more powerful than other traditional retail software systems, while additional functions like special time offers, birthday discounts, sales analysis and comparison between different products, staff commissions, etc. are provided.

The system consists of 2 parts, one for stores and another for back offices. The invoices issued at stores and the inventory status can be transmitted to the server of the back office via internet, so that the management can always obtain the most up-to-date information from the stores.

Important Notes :
We are using a very stable server to store our customer data, and with backup on daily basis. Our customers will not be charged with additional fee but can enjoy the Cloud Server backup at different locations. It is to ensure our customers will not be suffered from data loss due to the server damage.

Initial store
Each additional store