TE Credit Reference System

The TE Credit Database is the largest credit database in Hong Kong. About 500 lending agencies providing data, which is an important indicator among the industry as a reference and an essential tool for lending assessment.


System Features

  • The TE Credit Database provides a variety of borrower information, such as lending amount, period, approval, rejection, late payment, default, past transactions, bad debt write-off, current interest, etc. Moreover, there is a trend analysis chart describes the trend of all borrowing, repayment and arrears of borrowers, that helps to make decision clearly about approving or refusing the loan.
  • In addition, the TE Credit Database maintains a reminder function. The system will send out a notice as a warning, while the borrowers have any changes in other lending agencies, including late payment, default, number of transactions, bad debt write-off, etc.
  • The TE Credit Database will not store any privacy personal information, such as phone number, name, date of birth or address, to ensure the database become more safer and more secure.

Important Notes :
The TE Credit Database will not charge any installation fee, initiation fee or other additional fee to the participating agencies. It will only charge HK$2 when the participating agency request to check the borrowers’ lending information and the times of inquiring the same borrower within one day are unlimited. That is fair and reasonable!