The purpose of the TE Credit Reference System is to provide our customers with the historical records and related activities of their borrowers. For example, the system can indicate the completion date of the loan repayment from borrowers, whether they had late repayment, default on repayment, collection account at debt collectors, and write-offs, etc. From such records, our customers are able to select high-quality borrowers so as to reduce the risk.


Complying with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486), TE Credit Reference System will not store with any personal details so that the borrowers’ personal information, such as telephone numbers, ID card numbers, home and office addresses, as well as the personal details of the consultants and guarantors, will not be provided.



The credit loan information in the system will not be disclosed to other finance institutes when using our system service, nor will the credit loan information from other financial institutes’ system be able to be accessed.


Upon completion of the application data entry, the borrower’s credit loan information (excluding personal data) in the TE Credit Reference System can be queried. At the same time, the loan amount and the number of installments applied by the borrower will also be uploaded to the TE Credit Reference System. In the future, borrower’s late repayment record, default record, collection account record at debt collectors, the completion date on repayment, write-off record, etc. will be automatically uploaded to the TE Credit Reference System as well. Without any manual input and handling, it is even more fair and equitable.


No initial installation fee will be charged for this service, nor an expensive monthly or annual fee be needed. Our customers will only be charged with monthly fee with HKD200 from Jan 1, 2020 as an operating cost for database and server maintenance, so that our customers will be provided with more valuable and analytical credit data.