Trading System

It is a very powerful software, with the procurement, sales and stock management, as well as accounting operations. The functions are even more powerful than the independent version or the network edition. The system provides more detailed reports, while it can be used through the Internet, which means no geographical restrictions. The system supports multinational languages, while the User Interface can be interchangeable with English and Traditional Chinese.


System Features

  • The system can be operated through different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, which improve the speed and smoothness;
  • If the software is installed under Linux Server, it improves the security and stability;
  • Data backup can be saved in other locations via Internet;
  • The function of add, edit, delete, etc. can be set separately
  • The system has a history log so that it enables the tracking of user’s activities in the system
  • The layout is larger, clearer and more detailed than the traditional system
  • Documents can be uploaded to the system for storage, or downloaded for sharing

Important Notes :
We are using a very stable server to store our customer data, and with backup on daily basis. Our customers will not be charged with additional fee but can enjoy the Cloud Server backup at different locations. It is to ensure our customers will not be suffered from data loss due to the server damage.

HK$98,000 (for purchase)